Become Thanos at Disneyland!

The villain Thanos leaves his mark on Marvel Universe with a peculiar product.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos, the “crazy antagonist” of the film, is depicted with a curious glove adorned with all the Infinity Stones.

That’s where the new Infinity Gauntlet Cup from Disneyland comes in at $ 20, throughout Disney’s California Adventure Park, where it is sold at select food stands for a limited time.

California Adventure park, part of Disneyland’s California’s properties, has recently started selling Infinity Gauntlet souvenir cups. As in the movie, these gloves have powers, however, a difference of the movie, this Infinity Gaunlet comes with the ability to hold your favorite beverages, specially vodka lemonade inside the park.

The Infinity Gaunlet Cup is sold at several locations in California Adventure, but the best option is to go to Hollywood Land, near the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do not let the fact escape that you can use the novelty cup like a glove while you take it. That’s why we show you some pictures of the guests of the park who enjoy this peculiar way of drinking.

The Infinity Gauntlet Sipper has Arrived at DCA! $20.00

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Thanos also demands your nachos! 💎 These ‘Space Junk’ nachos are awesome! They have pulled pork, house made bbq sauce, extra cheesy sauce similar to mac & cheese, chipotle crema & fried jalapeños on top! If you are in the parks today, make sure you grab your Infinity Gauntlet sipper asap while they still have some. I’m so happy I was there to get one! Both of these are from the food truck between the new Captain America wall & Monsters Inc ride in DCA. It’s a must try. Next time I’m going to try the ‘tot-chos’ (tater tots topped like nachos!) YUM! ‱ ‱ ‱ #disneyland #californiaadventure #thanos #thanosdemandsyoursilence #thanosinfinitygauntlet #thanosinfinitywar #infinitygauntlet #disneyfoodblog #disneyfoodie #disneylandfood #nachos #pixarfest #pixarfestfood #pixarfest2018 #dca

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By: Laura Loayza

Become Thanos at Disneyland!

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