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Youtubers, the new fashion


They record videos to help their subscribers and to share their knowledge acquired over the years, in the process, they  became famous; and because YouTube has become a great source of advertising and business, great profits are generated for them.

YouTube is integrated with the Google AdSense service, which is a platform where advertisers pay Google for publishing their ads in different media, including YouTube.

In turn, AdSense pays a commission for those ads displayed and clicked to the owners of those channels that allow you to insert advertising in your videos. This is how the youtubers get part of their income.

In addition, thanks to the large number of audience they have, youtubers manage to enter the rest of their profits collaborating with companies that hire them to advertise. The higher the number of subscribers, the greater the payment of advertising.

Here we will show you the most famous youtubers in Latin America:



Mariand Castrejon, known as Yuya, with her sweet voice and creativity has captivated the attention of more than 21,294,485 subscribers on YouTube. She has more than six years showing the world her talent with makeup. Although not all of her videos offer beauty tutorials, they tend to have some relationship with it.
His journey through YouTube began at age 16, since then his advice and makeup tutorials have been constant. He is one of the favorite personalities of the YouTube users and his earnings per month is approximately $ 18,000.


Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez has his YouTube channel as Werevertumorro, where his videos are characterized by being humorous, but in them he incorporates his band of friends who make funny characters with a lot of hook.

On February 28, 2007 he opens his You Tube channel with his friend Ricardo Ortiz “wero” (currently boyfriend of another famous Mexican tubber called caelike). And he was the first Latino to reach one million subscribers, to exceed 100 million visits, which led him to appear on television, radio, and the press. Your earnings of about $ 20,000 per month with more than 15,653,007 subscribers.

King Luisito

Luis Torres is one of the most famous Mexican youtubers because he has more than 8,268,318 subscribers. In his videos he deals with daily topics with lots of humor, which leads him to get more than 1 million views in a few days, and generates about $ 7,000 per month.


Sebastián Villalobos

Sebastián Villalobos (Sebas) has grown before the cameras like Vloggero and Youtuber, monopolizing great popularity with the young people by his funny videos of adventures.

His rise to fame began on May 29, 2011, when his first video went online.
He began his career as influencer and youtuber and currently has more than 6,177,348 subscribers and 3,645,920 views per month and allows him to generate at least $ 1,093.78 per month.


EnchufeTV is a space made up of a cast of more than 20 people, including actors, filmmakers and producers, proposing to the Internet user a different way of doing comedy, through short comedy sketches made with high quality standards, in the that takes care of every detail, from its conceptualization, script writing, pre-production, filming and editing.

In 2011 they released their first video and since then they make humorous videos and fantastic montages that have earned them to win over 17,086,647 subscribers. However, it is one of the channels that has grown the least in the last two years with respect to the other youtubers and earns approximately $ 14,000 per month.



This Peruvian Youtuber has formed an extensive community of more than 4,735,928 followers on its YouTube channel, entitled Whatdafaqshow.
Since November 22, 2009 Mox (José Alberto) has not stopped uploading at least one weekly video. And currently he earns $ 6,000 per month.


Yovana Mendoza

If you ask for Yovana you would never locate her, because she is known as Rawvana, a Latina from the California area and has more than 1,542,996, who is known for giving nutritious food advice to obtain a healthy body because of a personal problem she had. , which led her to follow this lifestyle and she captured it in her videos.


Hola Soy Germán

Germán uploads videoblogs almost every Friday, and ranks first in YouTube in Chile and speaks Spanish, and has nothing more and nothing less than 33.7869.73 subscribers. All this has earned him $ 43,000 each month.



This Venezuelan knows YouTube as if it were his own home: he opened his channel in 2006, and since then he has not stopped gaining popularity. The main theme of their videos is terror and mysteries.
So if you are attracted to paranormal cases, or the great conspiracies of multinationals, you can not stop seeing them. It has 13,344,367 subscribers, earning almost $ 13,000 per month.


Karina García

Her young age has become a celebrity on YouTube. After her popularity in social networks, the young woman has become an ambassador for several products, and his own Make-your-own-slime kit by Karina.

García receives between 20,000 and 60,000 dollars every month for each of his sponsorship agreements with companies such as Coca-Cola and Disney. In total, they would be at least $ 100,000 per month. According to her, a “good month” is one in which she receives checks of up to $ 200,000.

As we can see the celebrities of YouTube known as “Youtubers” is a worldwide movement that we all benefit from, however it seems to be a guild that is difficult to enter, but once a video is viral, it will be well paid by YouTube in its Bank account.

Source: peopleenespañol / eltiempo

By: Laura Loayza

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