Infographic: The Two Faces of Kim Jong-Un

  • After more than 60 years, the two Koreas find peace. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, was always seen as a bloodthirsty, frivolous tyrant; but his image has changed since the peace process between the two Asian countries began. Here are the two facets of Kim Jong-Un:

An unscrupulous dictator

  • Atomic love

Kim Jong-Un became a controversial character for his attention in the production and research of nuclear weapons. His constant threats to start a nuclear conflict produced a lot of tension on several occasions.

  • Walking fury

The North Korean regime was known for the unbelievable atrocities that were happening within its restricted borders. Some of the acts that caused outrage worldwide were the murder of his own uncle and also he ordered to kill his deputy minister alive with a flamethrower.

  • Intimate enemies

North Korea and South Korea were in constant political tension over the conflict that occurred on the Korean peninsula. Kim Jong-Un maintained this uncertainty for more than 60 years and there was no progress in the pacification of the two nations.

  • No Friends

North Korea had no contact with external countries and only held meetings with China and Russia, his main allies. The Major Powers such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea received constant threats from Kim Jong-Un that fueled the international tension of a possible large-scale nuclear conflict.

A new face to the world:

  • Peace & Love

After a nuclear base goes out of control and international authorities started to ask for explanations, Kim Jong-Un decided to close the nuclear center where he did his atomic tests. The dictator declared that “he is not the type of person that shoots nuclear weapons”.

  • Sign of Peace

After 65 years, Kim Jong-Un made the decision to end the conflict he had with South Korea and sign the peace. This was because the regime had problems with a nuclear base and decided to end the conflict to generate more allies and to cope with this nuclear crisis.

  • No more Hostility

Last year the tension between North Korea and the US reached its peak when a series of statements plunged the two countries into speculation of a supposed nuclear conflict. Now, it seems that the two leaders plan to reach a dialogue at the Singapore summit, a historic meeting.

  • New Friends

After the peace agreement, several nations such as South Korea, China, Russia and the United States have proposed to the Kim Jong-Un regime to engage in a more open and inclusive dialogue so that its borders are no longer excessively restricted.


By Sandro Meneses

Infographic: The Two Faces of Kim Jong-Un

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