The next largest mall in the US: American Dream Miami

  • The vote to approve the construction of the largest shopping center in the United States resulted in a 9-1 vote, which would allow the development of this mega-work by the Miami-Dade commissioners.

The construction of a new mega shopping center in Miami now is approved and it will be the largest in the entire US territory. This amazing project will have the colossal area of 558,000 square meters and will not only include stores and restaurants; America Dream Miami hopes to have an amusement park that will have water slides, a ski slope, theaters, a submarine walk and even a hotel with 2,000 rooms.

The new shopping center would be more focused on being an amusement park for the number of activities that can be found in its facilities like water parks, ski trails, etc.

The American Dream Miami hopes to be a new attraction that can serve as an alternative to the theme parks of Orlando such as Disney World, Universal or Island of Adventures. The company that will build this shopping center, Triple Five Worldwide Group, declared that the intention they have to creates this new space is not the idea of a mall, this is more like an entertainment center that will be an economic engine for the city of Miami.

As they said, the new shopping center is expected to provide more than 14,000 permanent jobs and also expects to attract some 300,000 daily visitors. The mall is going to receive the entry of 70,000 vehicles per day. In addition, it would become one of the main attractions of Miami, which would produce large revenues from tourism and commerce in the coastal city.

This new shopping center would become the largest in the entire North American territory. It is expected to be an important piece for the income’s increase of Miami city and can be an alternative to the attractions that can be found in Orlando or Tampa.

But not everything seems to be nice; The project still has some problems to solve. Many residents of the area, such as Carla Urcia, a citizen of Miami and a graduate in Hotel and catering business, fear that the shopping center will cause great traffic congestion in the area due to the massive number of vehicles that will enter daily. Carla’s statements were the following:

I believe that while it is a very lucrative idea, it will lead the foot and vehicle traffic to become even worse than it already is. Also, the location may also be dangerous taking into consideration weather-related problems that plague not just the state but the cite overall. Hurricanes are a big issue for the state with evacuations almost every summer due to the events.

While the profit for the city will be positively high, I do believe the local life and culture will be negatively affected.

The company said they will invest millions of dollars to expand and prepare multiple roads before the opening of the mall.

Many nearby residents of the mall have declared that they fear about the possible increase of the vehicular traffic that this new commercial center will produce in the area. According to the calculations of Triple Five Worldwide Group, the amount of average traffic that will move the mall will be 70,000 vehicles per day.

Another concern residents had was where the money they would use to build such a work would come from. But by approving the project, it was guaranteed that the taxpayers’ money would not be used for the construction or implementation of the American Dream Miami.

Most state politicians agree with the implementation of American Dream Miami as it would be a huge source of revenue for the city; even so, the Triple Five company still has to obtain permits for the use of materials such as water, environmental mitigation, in addition to the huge investment in improving the nearby roads.

This new shopping center is a challenge for Miami County and the construction company Triple Five Worldwide Group. In spite of that, it is expected that its construction will have a positive economic impact for the surrounding cities and for the increase of tourism in Miami. Photo: Ski and snowboard center that will be implemented in the American Dream Miami.

The next largest mall in the US: American Dream Miami

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