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UV gel manicures cause cancer

A new warning for those who perform gel manicures, after the story of a young woman with melanoma.

Karolina Jasko, Miss Illinois USA, is in preparation to compete in the Miss USA contest. However, she reveals the scars of melanoma skin cancer on her thumb.

“I got this vertical black line on my nail and I never noticed it because I had acrylics,” he said.

At the young age of 18, Karolina went to check with her doctor, where she was diagnosed with this disease.

“The doctor said that he would most likely get me to remove my nails from the acrylic hairdresser’s salon,” he said.

The light of the hair salon mentioned by Karolina, refers to the device that emits UVA rays to cure manicures in gel. In recent years, it is common for women to perform this type of manicure, which serves to seal the polish, which has aroused concerns.

“Whether indoor tanning, UV lamp or tanning on the outside, all these can cause skin aging and the potential for skin cancer,” said Dr. Carolyn Jacob.

Dr. Jacob, who is the director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, says Karolina may have been at greater risk because she has a family history of melanoma. But she thinks it is important that everyone take precautions when using light boxes during manicures.

A very important advice is to use sunscreen on your hands.

“Use a sunscreen that has a physical blocker like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to cover your entire skin,” advises Dr. Jacob.

The second tip would be to wear protective gloves that are sometimes provided by the classrooms or you can order online.

Karolina will be competing in the Miss USA contest where she hopes to put the serious problem of skin cancer at the forefront.

“Being Miss Illinois USA helps me a lot because I can talk about it with large groups of people and I feel I need to raise awareness,” Karolina said.

Source: Foxla

By: Laura Loayza

UV gel manicures cause cancer

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