Hyperloop will arrive to Florida to join Miami and Orlando in 26 minutes

  • The most popular destinations on the east coast of the United States will be connected by a bullet train that will travel the two cities in less than 30 minutes.

Miami and Orlando are the two main cities of Florida, and also the ones that receive the most tourism every year. In 2016, only the city of Miami housed more than 113 million visitors, but many of these tourists had complications to travel between these two cities because of the long distance that separates them. Although there were trains and well-implemented roads, the travel duration was still was long. More than 4 hours by car and 3 hours by train. But apparently, this problem will end soon.

Miami and Orlando are one of the most important cities in the United States in tourism figures. The American east coast hosts a large number of beaches, nightlife and amusement parks that move millions of dollars each year.

Hyperloop One is a company based on Elon’s Musk project, founder of Tesla, which has developed a system of high-speed trains that manage to suspend themselves in the air thanks to the magnetic force they possess. Also, they manage to reach high speeds that can equal the speed of a commercial plane. Hyperloop has seen Florida as a potential client to offer this new technology that will shorten the journey between Miami and Orlando from 3 hours to less than 30 minutes.

In early May of this year, several representatives of the train company met with authorities of the state of Florida to discuss and present the project to create a train line that connects to the port of Miami and Orlando International Airport. The idea right now still as a project because they haven’t finished financing the cost of the implementation and also they’re analyzing the acquisition of land where the colossal train will be built. If the project manages to develop, the opportunities that will provide the two cities will be substantial and will be one of the most colossal works that the United States has ever had.

The journey from Miami to Orlando takes an average of 4 hours by car. With the Hyperloop, the duration will be reduced to 25 minutes.

Currently, the train was testing its system as a prototype in the Nevada desert and managed to reach speeds faster than 186 miles per hour. It is estimated that in its final phase, the train can reach speeds of 745 miles per hour, exceeding in speed to several commercial aircraft. Currently, the fastest train in the world is the SC Maglev that is in Japan and reaches speeds of 372 m/h. The Hyperloop in its maximum development could duplicate this speed without problems.

The first trials of Hyperloop in the Nevada desert have shown the efficiency of the high-speed train and the ability to adapt to new cities and conditions. The maximum speed that this can reach will be the colossal number of 745 miles per hour.

This great project will not only save time for travelers but will increase local tourism because future tourists will not waste so much time on their trip.

Micaela Berastein, communicator and citizen of Miami, thinks about the impact that the construction of Hyperloop in Florida would have:

Having this new transport system would be a great opportunity for tourists and also for business in general. With this high-speed train, workers who have jobs in Miami, could go to Orlando without investing so much time on the journey.

But it is not clear to me how they would build it. Florida is a state that has a lot of biodiversity and I don’t know if this route would affect the environment of the area. In the same way, I hope that the implementation of this train does not suppose a high in taxes because in Miami taxes are higher than in Orlando.

Although I think it’s incredible the possibility of getting on a train and only in 26 minutes you reach Orlando. You would save many hours that you can invest in tourism or shopping: the possibility of going to Orlando just one day now would be more real. In addition, it would be an excellent solution to reduce Miami traffic, because nowadays important roads such as the I95 or the U.S. 1 are collapsed.

Hyperloop will arrive to Florida to join Miami and Orlando in 26 minutes

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